Standard Process Package for SAP IdM

Why pay so much for the individual development of content, that’s already available for small money?

The IBsolution Standard Process Package for SAP IdM is a perfect fit for the introduction of SAP Identity Management also in your company. A lot of processes, such as the entry, change or exit of employees are very similar.

We provide you with a preconfigured solution, which already covers more than 80% of your individual requests according to our experience. This solution includes pre illustrated user processes and interfaces common IT systems. In various projects we have gathered business requirements for the operation of an SAP IdM system and have adapted our solution accordingly. With our package, SAP IdM will develop from a pure framework to an immediately useable productive system.
In addition we´d be happy to  include necessary individual adjustments in our package and deploy it for you. You save a lot of preparation and development costs. Instead of unpredictable project risks you can rely on best practices, that are guaranteed to work.

The four ideally combined components of the Standard Process Package for SAP IdM ensure your success.


The Standard Process Package for SAP IdM is designed to interface with both SAP and non-SAP systems. (as source or target systems). For companies, that would like to introduce SAP Identity Management only for the SAP world, we also offer a version with reduced extent: with a connection to the SAP Central User Management or with its replacement.

The Standard Process Package for SAP IdM in detail:

  • SAP IdM installation and Customizing
  • Connection of one source system and two target systems
  • Flexible Workflow for authorization requests
  • Customizing of connections (distribution model)
  • Workflows for entry, change and exit of employees
  • Rule based role assignments
  • Mass changes and user copy
  • HTML-Reporting
  • UI5 Self-Services for SAP IdM (SECMENDO.selfservice) optional
  • Admin-training and documentation

Price: 49,950 EUR

59,000 EUR incl. SECMENDO.selfservice

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