Upgrade Packages for SAP IdM

Take advantage of our experience and upgrade your SAP Identity Management (IdM) 7.2 to 8.0

Our Upgrade Package for SAP IdM always start with a one-day workshop. During this day we analyze your IdM Installation and determine which upgrade package is the most suitable for your individual needs. We particularly focus on analyzing the number of business roles, scheduling rules and custom connectors. Of course, the costs of the workshop will be deducted from the end price if you order a full upgrade package. Benefit from cost transparency during the project and budget certainty.

Our Upgrade Packages for SAP IdM differ from one anothers follows:

Upgrade Package
for SAP IdM – S
Upgrade Package
for SAP IdM – M
Upgrade Package
for SAP IdM – L
Upgrade Package
for SAP IdM – XL
Initial workshop 1,500 EUR 1,500 EUR 1,500 EUR 1,500 EUR
Number of Workflows < 15 15 – 25 26-  40 41 – 60
Number of target systems < 10 10 – 25 26 – 60 61 – 80
Number of source systems 1 1 2 2
Connectors standard connectors only standard
+ max. 3 Custom connectors
+ mehr als 3 custom connectors
+ more than 3 custom connectors
Testing included by IBsolution 10 h 25 h 40 h 60 h
45,000 EUR 60,000 EUR 80,000 EUR 115,00 EUR

Functionally, an “as-is” migration is performed in all packages without any functional changes. This means that all functions available on the productive system at the kick-off date will be available after the migration under the new IDM 8.0 system. Additional services of the customer are described in the offer and agreed accordingly.

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